Reveal Payment Options | Truly Clear Aligner
Reveal Payment Options | Truly Clear Aligner
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Your Budget

Helping you minimise out-of-pocket costs
with a high-quality aligner.

Affordable payment options for
Reveal Clear Aligners treatment

Wondering if you can afford Reveal treatment?

Your first step is to contact a Reveal provider for a free consultation to discuss your treatment plan and the payment options available to you.

In the meantime, check out an alternative to keep your clear aligners cost and payments low.


In-Practice Financing

Many practices have in-house financing options to help patients afford treatment. Many of these options have monthly, interest-free or low-interest options for 6-12 months or more.

In Office Financing for Clear Aligners

Ask your Reveal provider what payment

options are available at their practice.

Included with your
clear aligner treatment

More than just an aligner, Reveal combines expert-guidance with your local provider to bring you a personalised treatment experience.

Discuss Reveal payment options with your provider

100% Customised Solution

During your consultation, your provider will inspect the health of your teeth and gums, and use modern technology to create a digital scan and a fully customised treatment plan just for you.

Personalised Care

A local provider offers personalised care and support to answer any questions or concerns throughout treatment. They will ensure both the health of your smile and the accuracy of tooth movement.

Clear Results

Once your provider develops a personalised setup for you, they will explain expected results based on your case and treatment plan, so you can rest assured you’re headed towards a healthy and beautiful smile.

Everything you could ask for in a clear aligner

With Reveal you can benefit from aligners that are:

  • offered by trusted dental professionals that can build a customised, affordable treatment plan.
  • uniquely clear, which helps you keep your treatment discreet.
  • able to correct the full range of mild to complex orthodontic misalignments.
  • guaranteed to maintain their clarity[2], even after two weeks of wear and daily coffee/tea.
  • specially designed to reduce the need for unsightly attachments that get glued to your teeth.
  • given smooth, hand-trimmed edges for enhanced comfort.
Female Hiker Showing Clear Aligner